We're not a chain and our beer is not mass produced. We buy local and have delivered our beer to San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Boerne and as far away as Laredo since opening. As of March 2019, we now have Silver Eagle Distribution carrying our beer in the San Antonio market and we continue to self distribute outside of San Antonio. We are independent and with the support of independent loving fans, we intend to stay that way. You can't be closer to the source of your beer than to sit in the shadow of the fermenter your beer was kegged from days before. If you wander too close to the brewfloor, we'll try to educate you on all things beer. And maybe you'll love it. The name says it all, we're a little weathered by life and don't mind that at all, it's all part of the adventure. Weathered Souls is very happy to be a brewery where everyone is welcomed as a member of our brewery family. We have several old-school philosophies about life and business and one driving force is our philosophy that, if the beer is good enough, folks will find out. So we don't pay for advertising and we rely on word of mouth just like my Dad did. It'll take longer to grow our business, but it gives us a lot of satisfaction knowing that we succeed because folks care about us and our beer. So, here's to seeing you in the taproom someday and Drink Local, Cheers!